Financial Education and Training Agency's History

Ministry of Finance in its tasks and functions need a skilled human resources that have proficient ability and capability in state financial and also analytical skills. Until today, it is still not fulfilled. This task is important considering Indonesia’s development actively conducted. To fulfilled the needs of human resources, government create training program domestic and abroad, also held by universities and ministry of finance for short and long term.  
Before declaration of independence, experts in state financial are scarce, even in Indonesia’s independence there are none of the state administrator are experts in state financial. Meanwhile, in 1950 Dutch financial experts begun return to Netherlands, it creates difficulties for ministry of finance to maintain its task and functions. The lack of skilled state financials already known since colonialism, to fulfilled need for financial experts, Dutch sends its personnel to attend courses such as accounting, douane (customs and excise) and taxes.
In Japanese occupation, many Dutch experts jailed. To fulfilled skilled financier, Japanese trained Indonesia’s youngsters. Dutch experts are allowed to leave to teach them.
After recognition of sovereignty, since 1956, there are change leadership in ministry of finance, from Dutch to Indonesian. Government realize the needs for state financial experts from Indonesians. Ministry of Finance sends its employee to study domestics and abroad, and held courses and in higher education. In higher education, Ministry of Finance founded Ajun Akuntan Negara (accounting) and Ajun Akuntan Pajak dan Pabean (Taxation and Customs) in 1956, and Akademi Thesauri Negara (treasury) in 1960. Any employee on their own will continued study in University of Indonesia in Law and Economic Facculty.
Timeline of education in Ministry of Finance can be separated into 3 phase:
1.    Short and long term education before Financial Education and Training Agency (FETA)
2.    Financial Education and Training Agency founded
3.    Financial Education and Training Agency development

1.    Short and long term education before Financial Education and Training Agency (FETA)
a.    Long Term
i.    Akademi Pajak dan Pabean (AP2) (Taxation and Customs Academy)
Founded on November 25th 1957, based on Minister of Finance Regulation Number 248621/UP. The Academy intended to train soon to be inspector. Academy dissolved by Ministry of Culture and Higher Education (Surat Kepala Biro Koordinasi Perguruan Tinggi Departemen Pendidikan Pengajaran dan Kebudayaan Nomor 4530/BKPT Tanggal 5 Oktober 1959)
ii.    Kursus Thesauri Negara
Founded on November 7th 1958, based on Minister of Finance Decree No.2040R/UP

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