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  • Kemenkeu Corpu TV Showed Alumni Sharing Session

    Kemenkeu Corpu TV showed Alumni Sharing Session on Hall of B Building 5th Floor on April 4th 2018 held by Human Resource Training Center. Opened by Mr Ganti Lis Ariyadi, Baca Selengkapnya
  • Head of FETA, Change of Mindset is the most important in Corpu

    Corporate University models become a popular choice among big company and ministries/institutes in Indonesia in developing education systems. Technological advances, globalization, changing of core business toward knowledge and information, and performance demand force institution to change the way they work. So, form of training and skill improvement of employer have to change and improve too. Baca Selengkapnya
  • Developing innovation culture through 5r movement

    Innovation, change, and leadership are dependent to each other. Innovation can come from many sources. One of them is 5R (ringkas (concise), resik (clean), rapi (neat), rawat (care) and rajin (diligent)). This topic become discussed at Seminar “Mengembangkan Budaya Inovasi Melalui Gerakan 5R” held in Leadership Training Office on Thursday, April 12th 2018. Baca Selengkapnya
  • Indonesia’s outlook is better and supported by optimism of global economy

    Yogyakarta, Wednesday, April 11st 2018. “Indonesia, since 1970 adopt open economy system. What happen in foreign country will have its impact into domestic. Because of that, we have to know what happen in outside of our country, especially economy condition. During last 2017, global economy is toward recovery, from demand side and pricing. It indicated from commodity price and economy growth of developed country. Baca Selengkapnya
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